light [adj1] illuminated ablaze, aglow, bright, brilliant, burnished, clear, cloudless, flashing, fluorescent, glossy, glowing, lambent, lucent, luminous, lustrous, phosphorescent, polished, radiant, refulgent, resplendent, rich, scintillant, shining, shiny, sunny, unclouded, unobscured, vivid, well-lighted, well-lit; concepts 617,618 —Ant. black, dark, darkened, dim, gloomy, obscure light [adj2] blond, fair bleached, faded, fairskinned, light-hued, light-skinned, light-toned, pale, pastel, tow-headed; concepts 406,618 —Ant. brunette, dark, dusky light [adj3] not heavy agile, airy, atmospheric, buoyant, crumbly, dainty, delicate, downy, easy, effervescent, ethereal, featherweight, feathery, filmy, flimsy, floatable, floating, fluffy, friable, frothy, gossamery, graceful, imponderous, inconsequential, insubstantial, light-footed, lightweight, lithe, little, loose, meager, nimble, petty, porous, portable, sandy, sheer, slender, slight, small, spongy, sprightly, sylphlike, thin, tissuelike, trifling, trivial, unheavy, unsubstantial, weightless; concept 491 —Ant. heavy, weighted light [adj4] small in amount, content casual, digestible, faint, fractional, fragmentary, frivolous, frugal, gentle, hardly any, hardly enough, inadequate, inconsequential, inconsiderable, indistinct, insignificant, insufficient, mild, minor, minuscule, minute, moderate, modest, not many, not much, not rich, puny, restricted, scanty, shoestring*, slight, soft, sparse, superficial, thin, tiny, trifling, trivial, unimportant, unsubstantial, weak, wee; concepts 762,789 —Ant. heavy light [adj5] simple, easy effortless, facile, manageable, moderate, smooth, undemanding, unexacting, untaxing, untroublesome; concept 538 —Ant. difficult, heavy, laborious light [adj6] funny, cheery airy, amusing, animated, blithe, carefree, cheerful, chipper*, chirpy, diverting, dizzy, entertaining, fickle, flighty, frivolous, gay, giddy, high, humorous, lighthearted, lively, merry, perky, pleasing, sunny, sunny-side up*, superficial, trifling, trivial, up, upbeat, witty; concepts 401,542 —Ant. grave, serious, solemn light [n1] luminescence from sun or other source aurora, beacon, blaze, brightness, brilliance, brilliancy, bulb, candle, coruscation, dawn, daybreak, daylight, daytime, effulgence, emanation, flare, flash, fulgor, glare, gleam, glimmer, glint, glitter, glow, illumination, incandescence, irradiation, lambency, lamp, lantern, lighthouse, luminosity, luster, morn, morning, phosphorescence, radiance, radiation, ray, refulgence, scintillation, sheen, shine, sparkle, splendor, star, sun, sunbeam, sunrise, sunshine, taper, torch, window; concepts 620,624,628,810 —Ant. dark, darkness, night, obscurity light [n2] context, point of view; understanding angle, approach, aspect, attitude, awareness, comprehension, condition, education, elucidation, enlightenment, example, exemplar, explanation, illustration, information, insight, interpretation, knowledge, model, paragon, slant, standing, vantage point, viewpoint; concepts 274,409,682,686 —Ant. misconception, misunderstanding light [v1] illuminate animate, brighten, cast, fire, flood, floodlight, furnish with light, highlight, ignite, illume, illumine, inflame, irradiate, kindle, lighten, light up, limelight, make bright, make visible, put on, shine, spot, spotlight, switch on, turn on; concepts 250,624 —Ant. darken, dull, obscure light [v2] start on fire burn, enkindle, fire, flame, ignite, inflame, kindle, set fire to, set on fire, spark, strike a match; concept 249 —Ant. drench, extinguish, put out, quench light [v3] step down; land alight, arrive, come down, deplane, detrain, disembark, drop, fly down, get down, perch, rest, roost, set down, settle, settle down, sit, sit down, stop, touch down; concepts 159,181 —Ant. mount

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